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Before you call me-check for fresh activity.
First, if you see holes that are OPEN, the mole and/or gopher are gone. Both moles and gophers plug up their tunnels. It is their only defense form keeping water and predators out and their scent inside.

You must see FRESH activity! Look for fresh mounds and dark, wet dirt. Moles move so quickly. They can be gone in a day and not return for months. If the mounds are over a week old, the mole isn't there now. Gophers have a lot of enemies. If you haven't seen fresh activity, something might have eaten it. If I drive all the way to your house and the evidence is old, it will be a waste of my time and I'll have to charge you travel time. I enjoy helping people get rid of their gopher and mole problems, but I hope you understand. I can't drive around Sonoma Country checking out everyone's situation without gas in the tank.

How do you tell if a gopher tunnel is fresh? An easy method to tell if a pocket gopher occupies a tunnel system is to simply dig open the tunnel. if a gopher lives in the tunnel, the hole will be plugged within a day. If you can't find a tunnel, look for fresh mounds or plugged holes.

Please click on the link for Moles: Fresh vs. Old and Gopher: Fresh vs. Old.

If you would like to contact us, the best way is to use the phone for appointments, questions and general assistance.

To set up an appointment, you can e-mail us with your information, including your day and evening telephone number. Please include your

Mole Activity: Fresh vs. Old

Old mound. He is not here!

Look at all the leaves and grass. Too old.

Notice the damp soil. This is fresh enough to trap.

I'd set a trap in the mound in the middle of the photo.

This mound is still wet. The moles were here last night.

This is one mole.

Moles prefer damp, fertile lawns
where the worms and plentiful.

The sprinklers were on last night,
but this is fresh enough to set traps.


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