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Beautiful morning on my ATV trapping on a large horse ranch. Life doesn't get any better than this!

This is fresh, but where should I set my traps?

This was my 4th day at this high school. The gophers had torn up all their playing fields. I trapped for 4-days and then trained a couple of guys from the crew to carry on after I left.

This is NOT fresh! The gopher is not here anymore.

A Little About Me

My name is Gregg Crawford, but I’m better known as the Gopher Guy around Sonoma County in Northern California.

My gopher and mole trapping date back to 2000 when I first noticed hills of dirt in my backyard. I tried several traps over the few months, but I found the cinch trap to be the easiest to set in the ground. The trigger mechanism is visible above ground and that makes it easy to place in the ground without digging and also to see when I’ve caught a gopher or mole.

How We Got into this Business

Having confidence in my newly found skill, I announced at a Sonoma County Grape Grower’s Association meeting that I was going to start trapping gophers and moles professionally. After handing out flyers and giving free talks at local nurseries and hardware stores, my business was immediately in demand. Many homeowners in the area were struggling with the same problem of gophers in their gardens and moles destroying their beautifully manicured lawns. The next year got even busier when word got out about my skills. I have experienced the benefits of doing business with a dedication to quick results, reasonable prices, and customer service.

Gophers are complex mammals that deserve respect.  You would be surprised to learn how many people try to physically pick up a gopher, to "relocate" it.  I know exactly what to expect from gophers, in all conditions, including within their dens and habitats.

I have worked in many environments; schools, golf courses, agricultural, residential, parks, resorts, construction zones, under homes, around and under roads and highways, even irrigation canals.

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